Quality Time / KwaliTijd by Jaap Favier

Social media is not about “a dialogue with the customer”. Customers don’t really want to speak with marketers. They want to speak with their friends and loved ones. Quality Time / KwaliTijd is about the most precious human asset: The time we spend with friends and loved ones. Brands have various important social roles during this quality time, both offline via logos and online via social media.


Using the latest sociological research and detailed case studies, Quality Time / KwaliTijd shows how brands can quadruple their return on investment in marketing, public relations, and customer services by choosing the right role. The book offers leaders in these disciplines practical guidelines to manage the role of their brands and develop a profitable marketing and content management strategy. Quality Time / KwaliTijd also presents an interactive ROI model, tried and tested by more than 500 companies worldwide, to maximize the marketing value derived from social marketing.


Jaap Favier - Quality Time
KwaliTijd by Jaap Favier, 2013

(English edition)

(Dutch edition)


What others say about Quality Time / KwaliTijd


+ Brian Solis – author of Engage!, The End of Business as Usual and What’s the Future of Business

Brian Solis“Perhaps it’s time that we learned the value of quality time in our personal life again in order to deliver quality time to customers. Jaap helps us find and deliver the value often missing in customer engagement and relationships.”



+ Alain Heureux, serial entrepreneur, founder of IAB Europe and CEO of the Egg Brussels

Alain Heureux“In today’s business world, the existing models and practices offer mere shots in the dark.  Quality Time is refreshing and brings light in the tunnel, helping decision-makers to move on.”



+ Ralf Hesen, Creative Director, TribalDDB

Ralf Hesen“Quality Time is one of those rare books that truly inspired me. Jaap Favier understands the brand’s role in social media and offers a great model for calculating the value of social media connections and social media campaigns.”



+ René Repko, Marketing Director, previously Albert Heijn, HEMA, now Sligro

René Repko“Brands mix in the lives of people in a new way and people like that. That’s what Quality Time is all about, and Jaap Favier has investigated that perfectly. Smart marketers read this book.”



+ Sebastiaan Vaessen, Principal at Bain & Company

Sebastiaan Vaessen“Much has been written about the growing phenomenon of social media, but few authors go beyond the basics. Jaap succeeds at providing a passionate, insightful and much-required explanation of how organizations can truly benefit commercially and why.”




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Book: Quality Time

Jaap Favier - Quality Time

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