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The Small Circle helps companies with their business- and marketing strategy. In the end, the companies hiring The Small Circle don’t just get sound advice. They get a fresh start. An exciting vision. A rallying action plan. Our approach is:

Many of our assignments are bespoke for specific brands and organizations. The Small Circle also offers a range of standard services. These services use the marketing methodologies and ROI Model as described in the book Quality Time. With these tried-and-tested methods, the following standard services can be executed very efficiently and with a minimum turnaround time:


Pre-Campaign Review

Client question: How can I increase the returns on my planned campaign?


The Small Circle answers:


Post-Campaign Review

Client question: Did our campaign deliver, or can we do better next time?


The Small Circle answers:


Social Marketing Review

Client question: Can we improve our social marketing strategy?


The Small Circle answers:


Media Strategy Review

Client question: Which media strategy will get us the best returns?


The Small Circle answers:


Marketing Strategy Review

Client question: Which marketing strategy will get us the best returns?


The Small Circle answers:


Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your business- and marketing strategy needs.

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